GoNet owns one of the most advanced optical networks with
“mesh” topology across multiple “PoP” points located at
key locations in the city and in the country with the possibility of 10Gb/s
connection to end user

Go Net’s network is designed for the transmission of data-based services, including video transmission, data and voice services, private lines, as well as IP-based services and Internet access with the capacity of the installed distribution system up to 270Gbit/s.


“Go Net” has a data center constructed according to “Tier 4” standards and its own fiber-optic network throughout the whole country which is under continuous construction and development.


The “Go Net” network offers guaranteed capacity including products and services such as: Dedicated Internet access with DDoS protection capability, corporate VPN networks, Dark Fiber leasing, managed hosting services and VoIP telephony using state-of-the-art routing protocols and Stateful Firewall protection, routed through world-class telco providers.

National Network

International network